Sub Hilt Fighter

The banner photo is a sub hilt fighter custom hand made knife. Custom knives are always in demand, and this particular style is always a big hit. As you've probably already guessed, Bob Loveless was very influential with this knife and it's overall design.

This style of the handle is very unique among knives. The classic lines of the blade and the special smaller secondary hilt create that certain "trigger" look and feel - therefore improving its popularity with collectors.

The extra trigger piece makes it a great combat and fighting type of knife. The length of the blade is restricted by the length of steel, however. The down side of the trigger piece is it can be difficult to remove from it's sheath in a "need it now" moment.

However, once it is in your hand - the control, balance and feel of this type of knife will immediately put you at ease. The ability to hold and maneuver the blade, however necessary, is all helped by that extra sub hilt style trigger. Your hand and finger will fit it very naturally.

One negative aspect of the sub hilt fighter is that in most cases the knife can only be held and used comfortably one way.

This design of a custom hand made knife as a sub hilt fighter still remains a very popular collector item - it's classic beauty and style are always sought after at shows.

The most difficult part of making this as a custom hand made knife piece is designing and making the secondary "sub hilt" to either be all part of the steel of the blade or have it appear to be that. The blade itself is usually a double edge blade, but some requests are for a single edge as well.

Sub Hilt Fighter Knives

The above Sub Hilt Fighter has a 8.5 inch Blade with an overall length of 14 inches. The handle is a Blue Mammoth Handle.

Jr Bear Mammoth Ivory Handle

Jr Bear - Mammoth Ivory

Big Bear Sub Hilt Fighter Mammoth Ivory

Big Bear - Mammoth Ivory Handle

Sub Hilt Mammoth

Mammoth Handle

Sub Hilt Amber tag

Amber Stag Handle

Sub Hilt Fighter Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl with Red Spacers

Blade Steel CPM-154cm ~ Guard & Fittings 416 Stainless Steel

Sub Hilt Fighter with Mammoth Ivory Handle

Mammoth Ivory Handle

Sub Hilt Fighter with Sta

Amber Stag

Sub Hilt Fighter with Mammoth Ivory Handle

Mammoth Ivory Handle