Nell Knives by Chad Nell

Nell Knives are designed, hand made and built by Chad Nell of Nell Knives.

Take a look at some hand made wonders!

Nell Knives are custom knives that can only be created by hand. Knives of all types and styles can always be created in a factory setting - just like anything else. However, to actually produce these custom hand made works of art, it requires a very dedicated and detail oriented person - and a lot of time!

Examples of various custom knives are shown below

It's an art that just can't be learned from books and the internet. It requires years of apprenticing with great Masters, experimenting and taking the time to acquire that "feel" of producing a product. Only after years of learning and practicing this art of making something with your hands, will that finished product be a true work of art. Custom Knives are just that - a work of art!

The design of the knife takes on so many characteristics - how does it feel? Is it balanced properly? What type of metal for the blade? What type handle? Is it for show or actual use? How long will it take to make? All of these questions about design and the integrity of the knife itself must be thought of first. The craftsman then has a "look and feel" that the customer wants - Nell Knives.

Transferring that design into the finished product is what makes Chad Nell's knives so special.

Chad considers himself extremely fortunate to have grown up in Central Utah, at the foot of the Manti Lasal Mountains. This is the same area which has produced such world renowned custom knife makers Gil Hibben, Steve Johnson and John Young. Chad is forever indebted to Steve Johnson and John Young for giving him the opportunity to spend time training and working with these two legends, honing his craft and developing his own unique style of handmade custom knives.

Let Nell Knives design, create and be the perfect custom knife maker for you.

Chad will consult with you throughout the entire design process, from the raw stainless steel used, type of single edge blade or double edge blade and of course, your custom handle material. Don't leave anything to chance. Get it right the first time.

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