Gallery of Pictures

This gallery of pictures will wet your appetite for the real thing! Chad Nell is meticulous in his knife creations and it will show in these beautiful pictures within this gallery.

As beautiful as these pictures are, they are only one dimensional and don't let you physically see or hold one in your hand!

Depending on the time of year, we may have a knife or two available for sale. However, most are made with either a customer in mind, a Knife Show or a particular design that Chad has thought of.

The pictures here are just a sampling of the different types of custom hand made knives that Chad has made. As new knives are completed, we'll update our gallery with some new pictures. We will also be adding pages featuring just one particular type of knife.

Some customers are only interested in a particular style - a N.Y. Special, a Drop Point Hunter, perhaps a classic Loveless style. We will be organizing our photos to help our customers find that perfect knife for their collection.

If you notice, the name of a particular knife may also be a link, or the picture itself shows a link when hovering over it; please click that picture or link. It will take you to another page dedicated to just that style of knife.


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Folder Custom Knives

Fixed Blades

Skeleton Knives

Skeleton Knives


Dagger - Mammoth Tooth Scales Handle

Push Dagger

Push Dagger - Mother of Pearl Handle

Sub Hilt Fighter

Sub Hilt Fighter - Blue Mammoth Handle

Jr Bear Sub Hilt Fighter w/Mammoth Ivory Handle

Jr Bear Sub Hilt Fighter - Mammoth Ivory Handle

Big Bear Sub Hilt Fighter Mammoth Ivory

This beautifully created knife is a Big Bear Sub Hilt Fighter - Mammoth Ivory Handle

Improved Antelope-Amber Stag

This beautiful knife is an Improved Antelope  - Amber Stag Handle

Loveless Style Drop Point Hunter with Mammoth Ivory Handle

Drop Point Hunter - Loveless Style - Mammoth Ivory Handle

Fighter Mammoth Tooth

Fighter with Mammoth Ivory Handle

Chute Knife with Bighorn Sheep Handle

Chute Knife with Bighorn Sheep Handle

NY Special

NY Special - Amber Stag Handle Scales

Mini Wilderness with Stag Handle

This custom hand made knife is a Mini Wilderness with a Stag Handle

NY Specia

Beautiful colors in this NY Special with Giraffe Bone Handle

In case you're wondering, the majority of these fabulous photos are created by Jim Cooper of

SharpbyCoop - unless otherwise stated.

He specializes in creating wonderful dimensional photographs of

custom hand made knives for this industry!

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