Mini Wilderness Knife

A Mini Wilderness Knife is a very versatile custom hand made knife to own. Not only is it a great collector item, it is very handy to have as your own personal knife.

mini wilderness amber stagMini Wilderness Amber Stag

This Bob Loveless style knife is all about the quality of the knife in it's appearance, balance, and; of course, the materials used. It seems to just radiate that perfect feel in your hand - not too heavy, not too light and of course, the feel within your hand is perfect! It just seems to fit like a custom glove when you're holding it.

The Bob Loveless style mini wilderness just emphasizes that completely. It is not only a beautiful knife to look at, it just has that awesome feel you can only get from a custom hand made knife.

Custom Knife maker Chad Nell is no different. When Chad sets out to create a Bob Loveless style and designed knife, he knows how important it is to provide the same details in his custom hand made knives.

Chad uses the best materials possible to not only represent himself, but the theme of a Bob Loveless knife as well. Chad understands very well how important it is to be sure his finished knife would be a great representation of the great custom knife designer.

This custom hand made knife has a very sharp point with the blade itself sharpened on both edges of the blade itself. It will typically have a stainless steel cross guard. The handles themselves are extremely custom, as well.

Aside from the NY Special, it is a great knife to use for self defense! It is small and easy to hold and use, very sharp blades on both sides. Plus, the handle design just makes it so easy to hold and control within your hand - especially with the stainless steel cross guard!

min wilderness mammoth ivoryMini Wilderness with Mammoth Ivory Handle