A fighter is a fighting knife with a sharp point designed or capable of being used as a thrusting or stabbing weapon. The design dates to human prehistory, and fighters have been used throughout human experience to the modern day in close combat confrontations.

Many ancient cultures used adorned fighters in ritual and ceremonial purposes, a trend which continues to the present time in the form of art knives. The distinctive shape and historic usage of fighters have made it iconic and symbolic.

Mammoth Tooth FighterFighter with Mammoth Tooth Handle
Fighter with Mammoth Ivory HandleFighter with Mammoth Ivory Handle

The "Dagger" is a classic - aside from military forces, most daggers are no longer carried openly, but concealed in clothing. One of the more popular forms of the concealable dagger is the boot knife. The boot knife is nothing more than a shortened dagger that is compact enough to be worn on the lower leg, usually by means of a sheath clipped or strapped to a boot or other footwear.

Daggers are a popular form of what is known as the "Art Knife", due in part to the symmetry of the blade. One of the most famous examples is Knifemaker Buster Warenski's replication of the gold dagger found in Tutankhamun's tomb. Warenski's dagger was made with a cast gold blade and the knife contained 32 ounces of pure gold in its construction.

Bob Loveless had his own take on daggers. His style of interpretation has become very popular with many of today's custom knives collectors.

As a custom hand made knife maker, I always enjoy creating a "Nell Knives" version of the Dagger, as one of the many types of fighters!

Fighter Mammoth TootFighter Mammoth Tooth ~ Detail

Chad Nell Knives Special  - 100th Knife

Loveless Style Dagger with Sheep Horn HandleDagger with Sheep Horn Handle - Loveless Style

Fighter with Mammoth Ivory HandleFighter with Mammoth Ivory Handle Scales
Loveless Style Dagger with Carbon Fiber HandleFighter & Dagger with Carbon Fiber Handle

Knife Specifications - Typical

Steel Blade Length

Overall Length

Steel Thickness

Blade Steel

Guard and Fittings

6 3/4 Inches

11 3/4 Inches

3/16 Inch


416 Stainless Steel